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Since 1998, VPLL has been the 'go to' source for historically accurate reproduction sewing patterns.  We find our originals through private collections, estate sales, and even the internet.  Once, I have the perfect vintage pattern, it takes a fair amount of time and energy to give it a second life.


Depending upon the era, available formats vary but, regardless of how they arrive, all pieces are meticulously re-drafted with a pattern making program to ensure the proper period correct design.  Modern notations like seam allowances, darts, notches, pleat lines, etc., are added, so when you open your pattern, it looks similar to a modern pattern.

To maintain period correct accuracy, no changes are made while transcribing the original directions and preparing artwork. 

Our original patterns are then stored with acid free paper and backing to (hopefully) preserve integrity.  The rarer patterns are sent to the Archive at University of Rhode Island where they have an on-line catalog (COPA), so anyone with a love of vintage sewing can access much of the information.

The entire process for bringing a pattern back to life takes about 2 weeks - it truly is a labor of love. And, yes, other than pattern testers, this is a one-woman studio.  Patterns are printed in house, one at a time when you place your order.

I love to hear from my customers and I adore it when they send photos.  Let me know if I can be of any assistance in your upcoming historical fashion endeavors.

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