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Sister In Sewing

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I met Jennifer as a customer through my pattern offerings. She loves sewing vintage and dressing for Gatsby Picnic and Art Deco events on her side of the country. We struck up a kinship through mutual sewing interests, and not just vintage attire.

What I grew to learn over the course of our chats and photo exchanges were her skills as an accomplished seamstress, her success as a business owner who promotes sewing for youth both here and abroad, and her deep commitment to helping our environment through fashion.

The dress in the photo was given to her by a friend who made this from one of my patterns, wore it, and ripped it to shreds while dancing at a party. Jennifer, using her creative eye, figured a way to fix it with creative embellishment and gave it a new life.

If you look at the gallery page, you will find MANY fashion photos that Jennifer has sent. There's even one of her Mom 'getting arrested'.

As a pattern maker, I really don't get the time to sew for myself. I spend my sewing time making toiles to check and re-check patterns prior to production. Jennifer has such a giving nature and her sending all the photos allow me to live vicariously through her adventures. I'm honored to call her my sister in sewing.

Please check out her blog to see all the fabulous things she is doing and how she inspires young designers. And, if you're in the Alameda area, stop at her shop, The Sewing Room, for supplies, classes and sewing camaraderie. You won't be disappointed.

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