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Out With The Old - In With The New (Releases)

To be honest, on a good day I struggle with social media and keeping up with a blog. Couple that with believing I've been unproductive during the pandemic, I was feeling rather overwhelmed and defeated.

I decided to get moving, get updated and take stock of where things are. I was pleasantly surprised that although I was neglectful with posting, it's actually been a banner year of reproducing patterns - I really have been a busy bee!

Listed below are patterns that have been finished this year. They're set up by era so you can geek out on your favorite. Some of these patterns were started long ago, but I'm happy to report they are officially finished and released. Enjoy!

Pre-1900 Patterns e2039, e0010, e7990, e0177

Early Century (1900 - 1919) Patterns e2704. e2174, e6957, e6933, e7651, e7603, e3188, e6080, e3976

1920s Patterns z2010, z1893, z2473

1930s h2275, t1116, t7758

1940s f4400, f4385, f5766, f6636

Children - All Eras c3901, c6290

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