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'Sew'cial Distancing

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Small businesses are the soul of every community across the globe and right now, our communities are facing hardship. As the Coronavirus continues to impact all of us, I want to take a moment to reach out to thank my customers for their well wishes and to those who have taken the necessary steps to keep our community safe.

I am fortunate to run a one woman on-line business so the logistics of limiting physical contact with the outside word is easier for me. And although the WHO has determined that paper mail does not spread the virus, I have still stepped up proactive measures such as daily cleaning routines, additional hand washing and sanitizing, and bleaching work surfaces in my studio... just in case.

Social media has been a game changer for many affected by the shelter in place recommendations. And the sewing community has certainly come together to help others cope by sharing photos and ideas to keep us all from succumbing to cabin fever. Who would have thought that 'sewcial distancing' would be a thing?

For this reason I will be offering $1.00 PDFs in a rotating order for the duration of this unfortunate situation. First up will be the 1912 Corset Cover pattern #e0176. It's a quick project and hopefully it will help get you through another day.

Happy sewing and please stay safe out there!

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