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The 1934 Prom-trotter

Originally from Woman's World Pattern 1934-35, #t5741 was a delight to make and will surely be fun to wear.

This has the dash and gayety for the younger set. The 'Prom-Trotter' evening dress, as it was called in Woman's World Magazine, January 1935 - It's the sort of dress girls adore because of it's slim lines and spectacular ruffles, which give it the 'picture-gown' quality so smart this year. And, mothers like it too, because despite all it's appeal, it remains quite well-bred and demure. Besides, the expensive-looking ruffles are really "easy to make'

I was so thrilled to have this done, I took photos without ironing it (and I didn't finish the hem). Although it says 'easy to make' I would beg to differ. It's not difficult regarding technique, it does take a bit of time to do the ruffle inset. Rather that using bias strips, each tier is a U-shaped pattern piece, put on the bias, and cut out individually. Time consuming, not difficult.

Single sized (PETITE) for a 35 inch bust, this is also available as a PDF. Very exciting! You can purchase by clicking here

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